Little red rocker


This fun and quirky couple made getting up early on a Saturday worth it.

They were easy going and full of energy, which made photographing them a breeze.

I have the pleasure of seeing this beautiful, bubbly redhead five days a week where she is always smiling or laughing.

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The happy couple


Recently I was completely out of my comfort zone by not photographing my usual model and photographed a colleague and his fiance.

This was also the first time I had photographed a couple and I was beyond nervous. This was also the first shoot I had done without my own concept.

It wasn’t like if it went wrong we could laugh it off and try again. I consider this couple my guinea pig clients.

I was beyond happy when they said they were happy with their photos (whew!). They made me feel more comfortable in taking my photography further by making money on the side with my photography.



When it all goes wrong


For months I had this “beauty among the chaos” photo shoot in mind, so I collected all the evening dresses my sisters and I have and got the ball rolling.

In my mind I had this idea of a woman dressed beautifully among a derelict building. My new neighbours are renovating their house and offered it to me to use as the location.

The second aspect to the shoot was to get a “Gothic” like theme going.

So I got my favourite model, who thankfully is always up for an adventure, and we started.

The house was not as torn down as we hoped and the lighting was not ideal, but despite it all we had fun, which has always been my objective as a novice photographer. We didn’t get the shots we wanted but we got some fun ones.

Currently we are getting more “ballroom” dresses together to try again but in a more upper class city like location.




My whole world


The amount of love I have for this munchkin cannot even be described (if you are a parent you will understand).

I have over 1 000 photos (Yes I really have that many, plus videos) of him. I love documenting every moment with him because he’s not going to be my little munchkin forever and I want him to have these memories to share with his children.

He’s not only the centre of my universe but also my best friend, even though he is young in age; he is wise beyond his years. And a lot of the time I feel like he and I have more intellectual conversations than I do with some adults.

Everyday this child amazes me, whether it’s with his school marks or his wide vocabulary and understanding of what he says and what has been said to him.

We recently spent some quality time together at a park doing a photo shoot with him. Needless to say he enjoyed every moment and even posed for the photos.

These are a few of the moments I captured:


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The darker side


Just like there is so much beauty in the world, there is also the darker side to life that we ignore.

I recently decided to do a dark, emotion provoking shoot. The intent of the shoot was to bring attention to the reality of life, the horrors that we choose to ignore and pretend don’t happen.

We keep ourselves in our little bubbles and forget what happens in the world around us.

Here are some of the shots:

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Still life photography


For the past few months I have been building my portfolio on Getty Images, taking photos of whatever has caught my eye.

Although one would think taking photos of still life would be easy; trust me it’s not, especially when you are competing with millions of professional photographers out there. You need to be creative and take photos that stand out against all others.

Trying to fit this, as well as blogging, into my busy schedule has also proved to be a challenge. Not only do I work full-time, I am also a single mom of a very busy seven-year-old boy, so you can imagine I have very little free time.

I thought I would show you some of the photos I have been working on:


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Black and white

IMG_1933 (Medium)


One of my favourite ways to shoot photos is in black and white. For me there is something beautiful and calming in black and white photos, it’s like seeing the world differently.

Black and white is timeless, it transforms an image into a world that isn’t abstract, but isn’t reality either.

Another reason I love shooting this way is because it expresses emotion that sometimes cannot be put into words, whether it be the emotion I am feeling at the time or the mood of my surroundings or subject.

These are some of the black and white photos I have taken.

IMG_1681 (Medium)

IMG_1906 (Medium)

IMG_1934 (Medium)


An aspiring photographer’s best friend – YouTube


As an amateur photographer I do not always have access to a professional’s assistance, enter YouTube.

And, at times, I also use this platform for inspiration for new ideas.

One of the main reasons I use this platform is so I can learn how to take particular photos that are a little more tricky.

At present I have been using YouTube to learn how to take photos at night with street lights as the bokeh.


Here are some of my favourite YouTubers:

Weekly Imogen

Jessica Kobeissi

Bethany Kay

Jason Lanier



In the bedroom


Recently I did my very first (but hopefully not last) boudoir photoshoot and this was quite an interesting experience. I had to learn to work indoors with limited light and space.

This type of photography is very intimate by nature and can be intimidating for the model. I got very lucky for my first boudoir shoot and got to photograph a close friend, who is an absolute natural in front of the camera.


But when it comes to someone who you don’t know very well or at all, it is important to make them feel as comfortable as possible because you want to build trust.

The level of comfort and trust between the photographer and the model is evident in the final images.


When planning this type of shoot, advise your model to choose outfits they feel comfortable in. If they aren’t comfortable with what they are wearing, they won’t relax while you photograph them and this will leave you with rigid photos.

Boudoir shoots also don’t always have to involve the model only wearing lingerie or being nude. You can create beautiful photos where the model is wearing a shirt, T-shirt or a jersey.


With many people living in townhouses or having smaller bedrooms you should prepare yourself to work with limited space. Inform your model that you will probably need to move things around so they should declutter their room as much as possible before you arrive.


Even though I am friends with the model, when I arrived we didn’t jump straight into the shoot, we sat and had a cup of coffee just to get comfortable.


Me, myself and I


Kick your photography up a notch by practicing self-portraits.

By putting yourself in front of the camera you can learn more about lighting, angles, and poses that bring out the best in your own features.

My personal view is that you need to be able to be comfortable being in front of the camera in order to get your models, clients or friends and family to be more relaxed while you shoot them.

Once you’re in front of the camera, you fully put yourself in the place of your subjects.

You will understand how uncomfortable it can feel to try to pose.

As you sit on the other side of the camera, imagine what you could say to your subject to make them feel more at ease.

Use this opportunity to play around with different poses, even if they’re silly (no one will see).

I recently did a self-portrait shoot which took a few hours and I only got a few decent shots; it takes time adjusting the settings and angle of the tripod, but I learnt a lot during this.

This is something I would definitely recommend you doing at least once, if not every few months.