As with any new hobby at first it might seem a little intimidating with what equipment you need, how to go about doing it, confidence in yourself and, most important, finding the inspiration to do it.

Even though I have done a few shoots with family and friends, I still use various sites to give me inspiration to decide what I would like my photos to look like.

One of my favourite things to do is to go onto Pinterest, type in what my idea is for a shoot and get some ideas from there. I also ask whoever I am doing the shoot for, to go onto Pinterest and we generally make a joint board so we both contribute to what kind of shoot we are doing.

You should keep in mind that your photos may not come out looking the same as the ones you have chosen. The lighting will be different as well as the backgrounds. However, use these photos to inspire you and give you an idea of how to compose your photo and subject.

Don’t fall into the habit of trying to replicate the same photos in different shoots, try something new. If you are shooting your family or friends, and have an idea for a pose ask them to try it. Even if it doesn’t come out how you imagined it, you still tried and learnt something new.

Instead of always posing people, take photos of them while they are acting naturally. Personally, I think kids are the best subjects to photograph, they always act natural and this can also inspire future photoshoots.

Here are some of my replicated photos:




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