Kick your photography up a notch by practicing self-portraits.

By putting yourself in front of the camera you can learn more about lighting, angles, and poses that bring out the best in your own features.

My personal view is that you need to be able to be comfortable being in front of the camera in order to get your models, clients or friends and family to be more relaxed while you shoot them.

Once you’re in front of the camera, you fully put yourself in the place of your subjects.

You will understand how uncomfortable it can feel to try to pose.

As you sit on the other side of the camera, imagine what you could say to your subject to make them feel more at ease.

Use this opportunity to play around with different poses, even if they’re silly (no one will see).

I recently did a self-portrait shoot which took a few hours and I only got a few decent shots; it takes time adjusting the settings and angle of the tripod, but I learnt a lot during this.

This is something I would definitely recommend you doing at least once, if not every few months.







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